Biyernes, Nobyembre 30, 2012

DSP - Member Gallery

Here are my layout that was posted on DSP Member Gallery, I used the kit that I received on different challenge as posting bonus.

Sabado, Nobyembre 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Lauren

I made a layout for Lauren Bavin's 50th Birthday, I used her Citrus Sunshine Kit.

DSP - Lucky Double Dips Challenge

This is my second layout as part of Lucky Double Dips Challenge. I lift Addie's layout. I used Plum Crazy Kit 2.

DSP - Lucky 13 Challenge

Lucky 13 Challenge is hosted by DSP Designer Lora Speiser, featured kit Whispy Wings kit A due on November 30, 2012.

This challenge includes  posting bonus and Lora promised  if we reached 13 participants, she will draw cluster kits for free.

DSP - Items of the Week Challenge

Featured Kit for Item of the Week Challenge is Lora Speiser's Last Harvest Kit. I used Nipa hut as theme for this challenge.

DSP - Share the love with Carol Challenge

Another entry for Carol Harden's Challenge using Treasures and Memories kit.

DSP - Share the Love with Carol Challenge

Share the love with Carol is a Challenge hosted by DSP Designer Carol Harden due on November 26, 2012. Featured kit is Treasures and Memories with posting bonus and November Loyalty Card.

DSP - Lucky Double Dips Challenge

Lucky Double Dips Challenge of Erica Belton is one of a kind, you need to buy her kit and make a unique layout using that kit and make another kit lifting her layout or Addie's layout.

Featured kit is Fields of Color.

DSP - Days to Remember Challenge

Entry for Erica Belton's Erica's Everyday Event's Challenge due November 30, 2012. Featured kit is Days to Remember Challenge and I'm excited for the posting bonus.

DSP - Gimme more Crops Challenge

This is my entry for Lauren Bavin's Gimme more Crop Challenge due December 2 ,2012. Featured kit is Citrus Sunshine.

Sabado, Nobyembre 17, 2012

DSP - November Digi Swap

I joined Digital Swap. My partner is Raphne. I will make a scrap page for her and in return she will make a scrap page for me.

I used Scattered Wishes Kit by Lauren Bavin.

DSP - Featuring You Challenge

This is my entry for Lauren Bavin's Featuring You Challenge ending November 26, 2012. I used Past Times and Pleasures Kit.

That's the picture of my Aunt Pedie.

DSP - Layout November 2012

DSP Layout for Nov 2012

I used Lauren Bavin's A Little Unexpected Kit.

DSP - Scraplift the Spotnight Challenge Nov2012

Sanra is DSP November 2012 Spotlight, I lift her layout. I used Scattered Wishes kit by Lauren Bavin.

DSP - Scraplift DET 16

I lift the LO of Flipjump, this is my grandparents. I used Lauren Bavin's Kit.

Linggo, Nobyembre 11, 2012

Daisytrail - Alphabet Challenge ending November 17, 2012

This is my entry for Daisytrail Alphabet Challenge, Victorian Garden

I used Cajoline's Victorian Kit.

DSP - DSP Product Layout Challenge

Nature Trip is my layout and I post it under DSP Product Layout.

Mount Pinatubo is very beautiful place and I really want to go there for nature tripping.

DSP - Scraplift the DET 16 Challenge

My layout Debutante is my entry for DSP Scraplift the DET 16 Challenge. I scraplift PQ's layout.

DSP - Scraplift DET 16

This is my entry for DSP Scraplift the DET 16.

This is my nephew Maru,he is so playful and naughty

I used Fall Frolic kit by Lauren Bevin.

DSP - Scraplift the Spotlight November 2012

Sanra featured in DSP Scraplift the Spotlight for the month of November 2012. You need to scraplift her and you will win prizes.

Here is my entry, It's not the same with Sanra but I'm inspired with her scrap.

DSP - Items of the Week November 11-18, 2012

Lauren Bevin's Tweedle Dee kit is the Item of the Week in DSP.

My entry is My Mom's Happiness. They are my nephews and niece,they are adorable kids and my mom truly loves them so much.

DSP - Quote Me Challenge November 2012

Here's my entry for Quote me Challenge for November 2012. I really want to have a beautiful home. I know it's not impossible but as of the moment it's not possible because I don't have money,lol

I'm doing my best to achieve all my dreams.

I used Erica Belton's Crazy Plum 2.

Miyerkules, Nobyembre 7, 2012

DSP - Items of the Week Nov 4-11 2012

My entry for DSP Items of the Week, due November 11, 2012.

Erica Belton's Rocky Road Kit. you can buy this kit until November 11, 2012 for .99 cents only.

DSP - Layout

I used DSP Products

DSP - Quote Me Challenge

Entry for November 2012 Challenge.
Quote Me challenge is hosted by Rene T, twice a month they will give quotes and you will make a scrap page using the given quotation.

This picture was taken at Fort Santiago, they are my nephews Marc and Maru.

DSP - CAFE Challenge

Entry for CAF- E Challenge, I used Nicole Young Falling into Fabulous Kit.

My nephew Marc is a member of folk dancing group, this picture was taken during their National Competition.

Aunt Annie

This is my Aunt Annie, I used DSP products here.

Sabado, Nobyembre 3, 2012

DSP - Quote Me Challenge for month of October

my entry for Quote me challenge for the month of October 2012.

DSP Products Layout Challenge

my entry for Layout challenge,due October 31, 2012. i used past time and pleasure kit of Erica.

DSP - Lauren Balvin - Gimme more Crop

My entry for Lauren's challenge due November 4, 2012 I used Scattered Wishes kit. This picture was taken when I was in 3rd year highschool..vintage picture,lol

DSP - Erica Belton EEE Challenge

This is my entry for Erica's Challenge,due November 10, 2012. I used Plum Crazy Kit. This photo was taken at Boracay Regency last June 1,2012.

DSP - Lauren Bavin Gimme Crop 20

This is my entry for Gimme Crop 20 of Lauren Bavin .I used Pleasingly Pink and Fall Frolic image model is of course my pet Snoop.